Strategic Planning

Start With A Solid Strategy

Guide Implementation

At The Pivotal Group (TPG), we know that strategic planning is an essential component in guiding the implementation of high-quality, responsive, and timely activities that support internal operations and mission success.

Demystify Strategy

Our processes demystify strategic planning and make it understandable and accessible for for groups inside and outside of the organization.

Expert Facilitation

Our expert consultants facilitate a process that allows new and seasoned organizations to achieve optimal effectiveness in operations and outcomes, ultimately increasing their community impact.

Need to re-energize your team?

Our custom-designed meetings and retreats are tailored to your organization’s culture, team dynamics, strategic objectives, and key priorities. Give your group a chance to come together in an intentional space and get to know each other better through organizational discovery and team-building activities.

How It Works

We Value Collaboration and Building a Mindset of Strategic Thinking
  • Each phase in our model Is designed To Be collaborative between your organizational leadership and key stakeholders.
  • We are adept at facilitating these relationships and conversations.
  • A key benefit of our approach is that strategic thinking will continue Beyond the scope of a finalized planning Document And Become An Integrated Part Of Your Organization's Mindset.
  • This framework becomes embedded into your organization’s approach, and you can adjust or pivot when Circumstances Change, Ensuring Your Plan Stays Relevant.

We Engage Communities

TPG helps organizations reimagine how they connect with the people who live, work, and play in their communities.
  • TPG helps organizations build community trust and confidence through the facilitation of effective conversations
  • Our framework optimizes how organizations engage communities with a focus on culture, values, and priorities.
  • TPG facilitates a process of information gathering that includes 1-on-1 interviews, focus groups, surveys, virtual events, and in-person gatherings

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