Invest Today in High-Quality, Nonprofit Consulting Services

Running a Successful Nonprofit

With experience working with organizations across the United States, The Pivotal Group (TPG), offers its clients professional nonprofit consulting services uniquely tailored to their needs. We'll help you foster strong leadership, pursue organizational growth, and craft effective strategy.

Meeting Diverse Needs

As a highly experienced nonprofit consulting firm, we work with diverse populations, community groups, and decision makers to solve complex social issues.

Premier Consulting Experience

Through strategic planning, leadership development and training, assessments, executive coaching, retreats, and board governance services, we provide clients with a premier consulting experience that increases both their capacity and impact.

How It Works

Receive The Help You Need To Make A Difference In Your Nonprofit

Our approach includes matching each client to a consultant who will:

  • Provide subject matter expertise
  • Navigate local issues and concerns
  • Provide organizational development and strategic planning services
  • Use systemic assessments to identify underlying causes and propose solutions
  • Facilitate goal-based meetings and retreats

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