Leadership Development And Training

Empowering Leaders Through Development And Training Programs

Benefiting Communities

At The Pivotal Group (TPG), our primary objective for leadership development and training opportunities is to create a positive impact for all stakeholders, ensuring our clients strengthen their organizations and ultimately benefit their communities.

Fostering Development

We work with clients throughout the United States to address organizational development needs and to create a change process designed to produce the desired impact.

Providing Evidence-Based Approaches

Using research and evaluation in an evidence-based approach, we build a training plan uniquely tailored to each organization’s needs and eventual success. We are committed to fostering the growth of individuals and organizations, leading to a brighter future for everyone involved.

How It Works

Key Aspects Of Our Leadership And Development Training Processes

At TPG, our methods are developed with client success in mind. Here are a few key components to what we offer:

  • Individualized Leadership Development
  • Specialized Assessments
  • Applied Adult Learning Theories
  • Training Aids, Support Materials, And Blended Learning
  • Customized And Flexible Programs

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