Strong organizations create healthy communities and we are committed to providing individuals and organizations specialized assessments, training, executive coaching, group facilitation, and other services tailored to meet diverse needs. Contact us today to find out how our consultants can help you, your team or your organization improve outcomes.


The key to organizational effectiveness and longevity is an emphasis on strategy. We implement a strategic planning process that allows organizations to achieve optimal efficiency in operations and outcomes. Our consultants assist new and seasoned organizations in leveraging their assets and available resources by identifying opportunities for capacity building and growth, ultimately helping them reach their goals and increase their impact on their community.

Strategic Planning

A pivotal aspect to organizational and leadership development is assessment and evaluation. We use researched-validated assessment measures that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our consultants are certified and authorized partners for a variety of solutions and will work directly with your organization to design an approach. In addition to the actual assessment, we work with teams and individuals to interpret the results and create action plans for moving forward.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching is personalized and tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We work with individuals, business owners, managers, project leaders, executives, board members, and newly hired employees across a variety of industries. We take a strengths-based approach to facilitate strategic thinking, promote leadership development, and teamwork. We help our clients set realistic goals that are attainable and translate those gains into individual growth and successes for their organization.

Board Governance

Strong leadership and effective operations are key components to organizational success. We work directly with organizations and board leaders to design specialized solutions to meet the organization’s needs. We work to clarify board member’s responsibilities, board priorities, and offer project management systems to help ensure real-time monitoring of progress toward established goals. A strong board engages in an annual board assessment and seeks to identify ways to improve overall effectiveness to increase their impact.

Community Health

Implementing a Community Health focus helps organizations strengthen their approach to working within the communities they serve. This focus includes community engagement and outreach, which stimulating local economies, re-vitalizing the workforce, increasing food security, closing existing gaps in health care programs and services, and increasing access to quality health care, including mental health. We help our clients actualize their impact on the communities they serve in an intentional manner.

Leadership Development and Training

Organizational Development is the creation of a change process designed to lead to the desirable positive impact for all stakeholders and the environment. The Pivotal Group works with organizations to devise a plan to increase an organization’s relevance and viability. We use research and evaluation to provide the core and constant evidence upon which strategy and action are built. We believe the path to organizational success depends on the strength of a well-developed and followed plan of action.